Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Balenciaga
Balenciaga's Xmas ornaments come in a set of three

When the extended fam gets together this holiday season, they’re inevitably going to wanna see the tree. Yes, the same one you’ve just managed to unpack last night and piece together like an elf on zero overtime pay. No surprises here despite the effort (and copious amounts of egg nog) as it’s the same damn tree you’ve set up since 2012. But hey, that’s no way to end the holidays for the second year running. Ask yourself: What would Demna do? For starters, he would get a set of these supremely hyped (and seriously pricey) set of Christmas ornaments from the Balenciaga catalogue. As you can see, they are not fashioned after anything that was discussed in the bible but as far as we know these are still the workings of a fashion god. An oversized down jacket, an Hourglass bag, and Track sneakers are handpainted and made out of glass from a workshop in Poland. And who knows what these can do? Maybe even get someone to start taking pictures with your tree.

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