LOOK COOL IN THE COLD: Kaws x The North Face
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Kaws
Kaws has teased a collab with The North Face
Kaws has teased a collab with The North Face

Just when you thought you’ve stocked up on all your outdoorsy wares by The North Face for the foreseeable future – we’re looking at you Gucci collab – pop culture and art phenom Kaws has dropped a timely hint that you might not be done keeping your wallet just yet. On his personal Instagram page, the artist has posted new camo versions of The North Face’s iconic Mountain Jacket lavished with his spritely prints and tagged with the famed XX co-sign. It’s likely that a fuller collection is on the way in a similar fashion as his hyped Sacai partnership last year. No details on the launch date as of yet but consider this your notice.

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