BAG A NEW FRIEND: Hermès’ Kellydole Picto Bag
Text by Kee | Photo courtesy of Hermès
'Kellydole Picto' bag by Hermès

If you’ve got a favourite bag in your extensive collection, parting is never easy. But if said bag has been fashioned with a face and an actual chipper demeanour, then we’re guessing saying goodbye will never be an option. Hermès, the high-end maker of some of the most prized and beloved bags in the world, has a particular model that owners might be overly protective about. It can be said that you don’t even spot this bag out and about in public very often, and it has only been traded sparingly at auction. Called the Kellydole (a play with the words Kelly and idol), this top-handle leather bag has been fashioned with a smiley face, a pair of hands and feet – loosely resembling those Mr. Men and Little Miss cartoons from the ‘70s and ‘80s. The Kellydole was first sketched by Jean-Louis Dumas over two decades ago and is now an underrated icon in the ranks of Hermès carriers. 2022’s version, however, sees it get a pixelated treatment that looks more interpretive than in previous editions. Available in cream Epsom calfskin leather (which is known for its sturdiness), expect to fork out over US$15,600 for this new friend. And the best bit is, you get to name it whatever you please.

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