LOOK WHAT THE FUTURE BROUGHT BACK: Clot x Nike Flux Dunk High Sneakers
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Clot
Clot x Nike
Clot x Nike
Clot x Nike

If we had a choice about the most insane material to clad our fave sneakers with, one of the top picks would be liquid metal of the T-1000 variety. But apparently, that doesn’t exist yet which means we have to content with the next best thing: a silverish Nike Dunk High that flaunts a chrome-like spaceship finish. Those with the same sneaker wet dreams can now score a pair of the 1985 silhouette which has been christened as the Flux, a moniker that Back to the Future fanboys will get giddy over. Mastered by Clot, this sneaker flaunts a Jedi mind trick-level of an optical illusion as it uses a lenticular construction on the entire body of the shoe, giving others the impression that the high shine material on these high-tops is in constant motion. Clot will be launching these sneakers on March 18 and there is word that each buy comes with a collectible card of which two cards in the entire series were signed by Clot’s main man Edison Chen. The sneakers will retail for US$150.


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