BAG A DIAMOND: Dior's CD Diamond
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Dior and Mathieu Mamousse
Dior's 'CD Diamond' collection
Dior's 'CD Diamond' collection
Dior's 'CD Diamond' collection
Some of the 'CD Diamond' bags from Dior's summer 2022 collection
Dior's archival motif from Marc Bohan's 1975 collection
Dior's archival motif from Marc Bohan's 1975 collection
Dior's archival motif from Marc Bohan's 1974 collection

If you dig hard enough, you just never know what you might find. In Dior’s case, it rediscovered a true gem of a design. Coined as CD Diamond, this graphic motif birthed in 1974 is courtesy of Marc Bohan’s genius in remixing the argyle pattern with the fashion house’s initials. And just like organic diamonds, expect to be flaunting this 2022 update on your bags from now until forever.

When Dior isn’t too busy having us fawn over the Dior Oblique motif that was first launched in the 1960s before being revived in 2000 and then once again just a few years ago, the research department of the storied Parisian fashion house is plotting to play its next big nostalgia card that would resonate with today’s trendsetters who have an unquenchable taste for newness. Dior, too, already has a formula in place to score its next big hit: Look to Marc Bohan for an answer. The then-creative director of the fashion house, who served for three decades, is already a reliable source of reference for both Kim Jones and Maria Grazia Chiuri throughout their time in Dior. And yes, even the original Dior Oblique motif was his output back in the days. Now, Dior is determined to boost the rankings of another graphic motif from the Bohan era that is nearly half a century old and probably only known to vintage collectors and fashion history buffs. It is a graphic print from 1974 that features a repetition of diamond motifs, overlapping to form a pattern similar to age-old argyle. Dior’s CD initials have been reworked into letters with pointed edges, a rebellious touch that you can even compare to Def Leppard’s iconic typography. In this case, the letters C and D combine to form a diamond shape. Dior has masterfully translated this pattern which has been nicknamed CD Diamond onto a cotton canvas for a series of bags for summer 2022, including the Saddle, the Dior Hit the Road backpack, and the Dior Lock briefcase – carriers that are suitable for your next great escape. Artisans utilise a silkscreen technique to achieve this desired result – available in grey, black or café – so as to add depth and relief to the CD Diamond motif that looks and feels luxurious to the touch. And chances are, this one’s going to be a homerun too.


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