ALL ICE ON YOU: Montblanc’s Meisterstück Selection Glacier Collection
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Montblanc and Brett Llyod
Montblanc’s 'Meisterstück Selection Glacier' Collection
Montblanc’s 'Meisterstück Selection Glacier' Collection
Montblanc’s 'Meisterstück Selection Glacier' Collection
Montblanc’s 'Meisterstück Selection Glacier' Collection
The deployment buckle from Montblanc’s 'Meisterstück Selection Glacier' Collection

Climbing a fake wall will only give you a limited amount of street cred unless you’ve got an Olympic winner’s medal around the neck to prove it. But for those of us who consider ascending a mountain or a glacier as a typical Monday, showing off this badge of honour in your life CV might not be plausible unless you’re openly dropping hints. Well, meet those hints to drop. Montblanc has launched a glacier-themed collection of leather goods that will have others prompting you on the print which likely gives you the opportunity to name drop the glaciers that you’ve conquered. This rakish print captures all the nuances of glacial ice – which was actually inspired by real-life landscape the Mer de Glace – from the chiselled outlines to the alluring blue hue. In addition, Montblanc has also designed an on-trend deployment buckle for these pieces that might resemble something that Matthew M. Williams helped to popularise with the exception that this version seems to be making an appropriate cameo here with the climbing theme. And even if you’ve never conquered one of nature’s most amazing sculptures or seen one IRL, carrying these bags on the regular might just nudge you in doing so in the near future. After all, YOLO.


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