Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Nike
Nike x Jacquemus
Simon Porte Jacquemus

There isn’t a whole lot of imageries on the internet to work with but when Nike dropped the name to its next collab as Jacquemus, an entire moodboard of picturesque vacation photos, sandy beach bums, and barely-there cardigans start forming. You see, Simon Porte Jacquemus is probably one of the last few big names who hasn’t tied himself down to a sportswear giant. (Well, he’s really busy.) But he would like you to know that he has been working on this collab for a few years with Nike which means this was always going to happen when the moment is right. Thank the gods for this moment because June 28 is that date set for the launch of this collection. What to expect? Let Simon Porte explain: “For this collaboration with Nike, I wanted to create a collection that reinterprets athletic women’s sportswear in a minimal way. I have always been inspired by vintage ACG pieces and Nike campaigns from the ’90s. Having this imagery in mind, we designed women’s athletic wear with sensuous details and neutral colours, along with my own interpretation of the Humara, my favourite Nike shoe. It was important for the collection to be accessible for all bodies, and to be a natural blend of Jacquemus style and Nike performance.” Simon Porte sees this collection as a mix between outdoor wear and court sports, merged with the flexibility and spontaneity of being a trendy club fit. An avid collector of vintage ACG pieces, Simon Porte knows what he likes to see more of but most importantly he wants a collection capable of being accessed by everyone. Watch this space.

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