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YOU CAN ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT: Chanel's J12 Highly Wanted Set
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Chanel's 'J12 Highly Wanted'
Chanel's 'J12 Highly Wanted'
Chanel's 'J12 Highly Wanted'

Those who think that the J12 design story in watchmaking has already peaked has no idea that Chanel is ready to turn things up to an eleven. You see, the top-tier luxury house is giving those who have already been eyeing its emblematic model for years but pine for the exclusivity a chance to bag several new variations at a go via a six-piece collector’s box set. How exclusive? Only five lucky folks can get hold of this set which also makes perfect sense if this ends up to be a group buy of sorts. Chanel has already found considerable success in this field having launched a few J12 box sets in recent years and having takers for them regardless of the hefty price tag. This one will be no different in the desirability department and perhaps it has already found new ownership prior to its unveiling. The six J12 in this series are lavished in matte black ceramic with a black-coated steel case that has a look that’s blacker than a Catwoman’s latex catsuit. Even the precious gold dial has been enamelled in matching matte black, a colourway that redirects the spotlight to the brilliant-cut diamond crown. What differentiates each piece is in the typography art of the block-lettered Chanel name. Rendered in shiny enamel, the brand name is repeated for safe measure and pops up from the matte black backdrop with some letters even overlapping the ceramic bezel for added visual impact. And some good news for those who only have budget for one piece; Chanel is willing to sell them as singles too. But why shortchange yourself from a good thing?

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