WHEN THEY GO MINI, YOU GO MAXI: Saint Laurent’s Icare Bag
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent
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If you’ve been living on this planet long enough, earning a decent wage, and being able to afford swag, then there’s a good chance that you’ve got stuff. No, we don’t mean the emotional baggage variety but the survival kit kind that you need in your corner to get through the day. With all due respect to the mini bags that have been trending in the last couple of years, you probably want none of it. All you ask for is a decent-sized shoulder-slinging bag that any self-respecting working professional can use to put anything and everything for any time of the day. Enter Saint Laurent’s Icare maxi shopper bag as a viable option. It’s a sexy quilted lambskin carrier with goddess-sized proportions that has enough room for your make-up and skincare regime, a laptop, a snack station, and even a change of outfit. Holidaymakers might even gravitate towards this for use on a weekend getaway (it sure beats a chunky duffle). And if you’re the sort to never Marie Kondo your bag’s contents, trust us, this Icare is a godsend.

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