NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MUSEUM GIFT SHOP: Fxxking Rabbits’ “Protect the Earth” T-shirt
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fxxking Rabbits
Fxxking Rabbits' 'Protect the Earth' tee

Over the weekend, you were minding your own business and swiping through the day’s headlines hoping that all wars have ended. Then, you came across one that read “man disguised as old woman smeared cake on Mona Lisa in climate protest.” Plenty to unpack, we know. Not to worry, the vandaliser – not Steve Aoki – has been arrested and the Mona Lisa is fine (although probably in shock) thanks to the cake-proof glass that was infront of her. Now, you’re probably asking what do you get out of this pointless news bit? Well, for starters, a T-shirt that the Louvre museum gift shop wouldn’t find amusing. The following Monday after the incident, Fxxking Rabbits launched a pre-order of a white tee with a back print of said viral photo of the caked Mona Lisa which also features a chest pocket with the words “A piece of cake” scrawled on it. And while that moment is priceless, this tee isn’t. Fxxking Rabbits is asking for at least US$60 per tee with deliveries set for mid-June.

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