MARC NEWSON’S ALL ABOUT BUSINESS AND CLASS: Louis Vuitton’s Pégase Rolling Luggage
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton’s 'Pégase' is Marc Newson's third luggage design for the house
Louis Vuitton’s 'Pégase' is Marc Newson's third luggage design for the house
Louis Vuitton’s 'Pégase' is Marc Newson's third luggage design for the house
Louis Vuitton’s 'Pégase' is Marc Newson's third luggage design for the house

So, you’re travelling for work again. Good news because Louis Vuitton also knows that for any business types going the distance for meetings – that might involve life-changing money and contracts – there is no room for error in any of the prep work including the baggage. Those unfamiliar with Louis Vuitton’s flex in this department just need to know two words involved in this segment: Marc Newson. Yes, that same Australian industrial designer with the famous aluminium lounge chairs and even more famous Apple Watch, just to name a few. The requirements for any globetrotting biz pro’s baggage are simple: sleek, modern, functional, and with a bit of flex. But it's easier said than done. However, Newson checked all the deliverables with the creation of the Horizon and Horizon Soft Duffle launched within the last few years. Needless to say, they have become a serious sight for sore eyes at biz lounges and plane cabins the world over. Now, he is returning to this much-missed segment with a remake of one of Louis Vuitton’s underrated carriers, the Pégase. Newson’s input might not be obvious at first glance but the results are much appreciated. For starters, the inclusion of extra-slim but strong metal trolley tubes that are integrated into the upholstery. Open the luggage and there is only a feint presence of these sturdy tubes that are an integral part of the trolley handle system. What this also means is that Newson has helped to expand on the free space to allow for more items to be stored (34 litres) which is a godsend even for the most seasoned of travellers. Not to worry for those who still love the previous model as the front compartment remains here as many have come to appreciate its ease when reaching for the tablet or travel documents. And like what many would attest about Newson's creations, expect to be wheeling this around for a lifetime.

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