Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Prince Neptune
Cody Simpson’s Prince Neptune: The Label
Cody Simpson’s Prince Neptune: The Label
Cody Simpson’s Prince Neptune: The Label
Cody Simpson’s Prince Neptune: The Label

In-between training to secure a swim team spot at the next Commonwealth Games in 2024 and popping up on your radar because of his dating life, Aussie Cody Simpson is also a fashion aficionado. Yet, he has always stopped short of branching out further than just being a front row fixture at fashion week and that occasional hot underwear spot. Well, all of that is changing. The 25-year-old, who is also a singer-songwriter (and part-time poet) in case you have forgotten, is serious about a new clothing venture named Prince Neptune: The Label, which is also the title of his book of poems and proses published a couple of years ago. Even the logo is a trident spear that he has used previously and references his professional life in the water. The star wanted to his own clothing label after admitting a frustration on how hard it was to find staples that are comfy and sustainably made. Most importantly, the purpose of his clothing label is to showcase how good clothing designs can result from less water and chemicals being used and recycled materials being incorporated. The unisex loungewear pieces he has in mind look as stylish and durable on a beach as they are in a bar. It launches on August 22.

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