THROUGH THE EYES OF A FOOTIE ICON: Jean Paul Gaultier x Karim Benzema
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier
Jean Paul Gaultier x Karim Benzema
Jean Paul Gaultier x Karim Benzema
Jean Paul Gaultier x Karim Benzema

If you’re a football/soccer fanatic, the name Karim Benzema ought to be on your radar. Many would agree that the French striker of Algerian descent is at the top of his game and considered as the best player in the sport in the last 12 months, capped by that historic Champion’s League victory in Paris last a couple of months ago. Now, the captain of Real Madrid is also staking his claim in the eyewear game. A collector of vintage sunnies, the 34-year-old has partnered with couturier Jean Paul Gaultier on an unexpected collab. He has been given first dibs on the eyewear archives to pick designs he wants to see brandished with his KB9 initials. The footballer chose a pair that pop culture fans would know by heart: the 56-6106. These round lenses with gilded engraved bridges and temples carry with it links to 2Pac’s personal style in the ‘90s. But why 2Pac? The hip-hop legend is a fixture on Benzema’s playlist which is all you need to know about why these sunnies were chosen for a re-edition. Three versions are on offer: a silver frame with blue lenses, a gold frame with green lenses, and a black frame with matching lenses. Only 500 pieces will be launched per pair and expect them to be sold out faster than a duration of a football match.


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