Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Judith Leiber
Judith Leiber x Katy Perry
Judith Leiber x Katy Perry
Judith Leiber x Katy Perry

Katy Perry is about to make mushrooms sexy again. You see, the pop singer has an affinity with this fungi for reasons that we’re beginning to speculate stems from an inside joke. Part of her Las Vegas residency called Play has her dressing up as one alongside sexually suggestive giant mushroom-esque backup dancers and she even has a whole line of red-and-white merch dedicated to the ‘shroom too including purses and tote bags. But now, the 37-year-old has reached peak mushroom madness with what has perhaps raised the bar of her merch game. She has called up her fave bejewelled evening bag maker Judith Leiber to work on a mushroom-shaped minaudière for Play because, well, why the hell not? Judith Leiber obliged, creating an oversized mushroom-shaped bag that features red and champagne crystals hand-set on metal. The designer spared no expense to get the shading right especially the crystals on the stem and gills of the mushroom with other playful details considered such as pearlized stones to replicate the scales on the cap. The evening bag can be opened via a closure at the top by pushing down one of the pearls. Judith Leiber will only be making a limited number of these US$6,195 bags and every piece features a collector's edition nameplate. And there you thought fungis can't look fun.


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