Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Nike
Nike’s 'Air Force 1 LXX'
Nike’s 'Air Force 1 LXX'
Nike’s 'Air Force 1 LXX'
Nike’s 'Air Force 1 LXX'

It’s been a good few days that the news of a Serena Williams retirement is setting in. The tennis GOAT, who is expected to call it a day after her (winning) run at the upcoming US Open, is perhaps letting us know the shade of blue she is feeling this week via news of her next Air Force 1 colourway drop for Nike. They call it lapis blue, but let’s be honest, it is a Monday blues kinda blue. The hue is lavished on another pair of Air Force 1 LXX that she first released in textured white leather with a gold zipper in replacement of laces. Now, this lapis blue version is wrapped in a royalty-esque baroque design that’s egging its wearer to pair it with a Versace robe. And if you’re still wondering what the digits “10 04 01” on the tongue stands for, it reps the design team that Williams put together to establish her wares (it stands for “10 designers for one athlete, 10 designers for one collection”). There's no word on the drop date as of now but you can expect it to arrive around the same time Williams picks up a tennis racquet for the very last time.

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