ONE WAY TO DROP A 100 GRAND: Ye’s Goyard Backpack
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Justin Reed
Ye's Goyard backpack
Ye's Goyard backpack
Ye's Goyard backpack
Ye's Goyard backpack

Well, some things don’t take long to find a new owner… again. A case in point: Ye’s one-of-one Goyard backpack that he was photographed with in Paris in 2010. Luxury goods reseller Justin Reed first scored big when he acquired this mint condition leather backpack with a distinct robot face and flipped it for US$55,000. That was in May of this year. Somehow, he got hold of it again and advertised it over the weekend that he was seeking a blood pressure-raising US$100,000 to relinquish it to a new owner (yes, nearly twice the amount that he got months prior). Guess what? Someone stepped up in a matter of hours. It was listed as sold once Monday came around with an unnamed buyer coughing up the six-figure fee. Reed has previously scored big on Ye’s personal goods, namely the Donda bulletproof vest he easily flipped for 20 grand. Don’t be surprise if this cash cow of a carrier is listed for sale before the year ends. Judging by the quick ownership changes, there’s always someone willing to go hard for this Goyard.


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