Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Prada
Prada's fall-winter 2022 raincoat
Prada's fall-winter 2022 raincoat
Prada's fall-winter 2022 raincoat

Why a raincoat and not an umbrella when the heavens start to pour? That’s a stupid question that we’re not even going to entertain. Everyone needs a raincoat for obvious reasons: to shield awkward drops of water from the fine fabric that you got on underneath, to keep you adequately warm from point A to point B, to correct those who ask if you’re wearing a trench coat. Well, there are plenty more reasons but we’ll let you fill in the blanks. Top tier fashion house Prada too gets the need for a raincoat in modern day life. It has introduced a few long raincoats that it designed for this fall’s weather, blurring the lines further of what defines a raincoat in 2022. Make no mistake: Raf and Miuccia didn’t make an everyday raincoat that you can pick up at a local fast fashion chain for chump change. These navy versions have mohair inserts, details that you might have seen Jeff Goldblum and Daniel Kaluuya confidently flaunting on the runway and red carpet respectively (although on a tailored coat). And why we say that “you won’t wanna get rained on” when wearing these? Let’s just say moisture and hand-teased mohair would make you look like a pooch after a bath. Why mohair? The cameo of these luxe trims elevates the silhouette of this everyday piece and breaks down its traditional shape. Who needs another yawn-inducing design anyway? This one has all the fixings too with multiple pockets, a back vent like a trench, and a removable belt that helps to cinch the waist for extra style points. Those who pine for some flex will enjoy the inclusion of a Prada triangular pouch on the detachable belt, one that lets you store car keys and loose change without the need to dig pockets like you’re searching for hidden treasure. After this, you’re not going to look at a raincoat the same way again.

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