AND WE’RE ABOUT TO RECEIVE: Doja Cat’s It’s Giving
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of It's Giving
Doja Cat’s It’s Giving
Doja Cat’s It’s Giving
Doja Cat’s It’s Giving
Doja Cat’s It’s Giving

These days, Doja Cat might be busy fending off haters of baldness and supporters of brows. But hey, a musician’s got to find time to earn a decent living too rather than just sinking into the sofa and replying to every hate speech in the live chat. The 26-year-old is now selling tees, trucker hats, totes, and thongs, a first solo fashion venture under her own label named It’s Giving. It’s a far cry from her usual music merch as Doja Cat doesn’t plant her name or likeness in the swag except for subliminal links like prints of pink kitty cats and sexual innuendoes. The key items in the first drop are those with the word Yes printed on a cropped top and a pair of thongs. It can mean any euphoric feeling really, ranging from utterings of pleasure to just giving one’s all to any of life’s most trying moments such as answering those haters. Pre-order are now available.

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