AND YOU THOUGHT BOOKWORMS HAD NO FLEX: Bottega Veneta’s Strand Tote Bags
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta’s Strand tote bag
Bottega Veneta’s Strand tote bag
Bottega Veneta’s Strand tote bag

The Strand Bookstore in New York City is nearly a century old. It is stacked with books. So many that it took on the slogan of “18 miles of books” like it is baiting Marie Kondo to come over to assist with the packing. This indie bookstore is said to shift up to 2.5 million books a year, a stat that makes you wonder how many people in your social circle last held a tome let alone read one. However, the Strand didn’t make its keep just by selling books. It also has a strong merch game. Bella Hadid was even wearing one of its sweatshirts as an off-duty look (hey, models read too). That said, it is the canvas tote bags – over a hundred designs – that are truly lit, no pun intended. They are printed with cool slogans and graphics that deserve to be on tees too. Retailing for less than US$30, these tote bags have proven to be a hit with hippies and bookworms, even offering proof that you’ve been to a bookstore in recent times. Now, Bottega Veneta – on the occasion of New York Fashion Week – has collaborated with the Strand to launch three tote bags that are perhaps the most elevated versions in the bookstore’s illustrious history. All three feature the Strand’s red logo plastered on the exterior which is offered in the fashion house’s signature Intrecciato weave, another in classic black leather, and the last in yellow and black that mirrors the city’s cabs. Trust that these are sturdy enough to take the weight of a few good book buys too. The Strand will also be stocking a curation of Matthieu Blazy’s best reads from now until September 30. Curious what they are? This might be your best bet in getting into the mind of BV’s new CD.

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