Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fila
Haider Ackermann + Fila
Haider Ackermann + Fila

If there were a designer who has a fan club hooked to his gram like a K-pop groupie, it would be Haider Ackermann. (Bet you didn’t expect that answer.) That’s because the Colombian-born Paris-based designer has been the de facto dresser and close confidante of Hollywood heartthrob Timothée Chalamet for a good few years now and he has all the scoop. How influential is Ackermann in dressing one of Tinseltown’s biggest stars, really? Well, just about every time Chalamet makes it onto a red carpet, it’s a shoo-in as a best dressed list entry. His latest run at the Venice Film Festival saw the 26-year-old wear a red backless top simply because, well, no other dude on that very same red carpet is. Now, Ackermann – whom the late Karl Lagerfeld once heralded as a worthy successor to the house with the interlocking Cs – is dropping a surprise capsule collection with Fila. And it seems like we weren’t the only ones surprised by that as he admitted on his Instagram that he didn’t expect to get the call from the Seoul-based company. He wrote: “Unknown things make my heart beat faster, because I believe in the power of the unexpected, so I willingly took on the challenge.” And just to make things even more surprising, the collection will be unveiled in Manchester of all places on November 17. No word yet on what fans can expect from the collection but we’re not counting on a backless top making the list.


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