LET THE MUSIC HEAL YOUR SOUL: Pink Martini for Balenciaga
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Balenciaga
Pink Martini for Balenciaga
Pink Martini for Balenciaga
Pink Martini for Balenciaga

Breathtaking mountaintop views and Courtney Love aren’t just at the top of your mind when it comes to Portland, Oregon. Those in the know might say the Pink Martini band – a music group featuring a dozen members with songs in over 25 languages – that though lack the dance moves of a Korean boyband they still deliver some solid mix of classical, jazz and old-fashioned pop tunes, selling over three million records in the process. They debuted in 1994 – led by co-lead vocalists China Forbes and Storm Large (you can’t get better names in showbiz these days) – and have performed around the world, even headlining concerts to raise money for those in need. Today, big-time Parisian fashion house Balenciaga is paying it forward by spotlighting the band’s playlist on Apple Music, a co-marketing move that has previously seen the likes of Aya Nakamura and Rammstein share their tunes on Demna’s go-to platform. What is part of this experience is the solid band merch. Balenciaga has produced some exclusive Pink Martini swag in the form of an oversized organic cotton hoodies and tees, available in white and pink. The graphics feature a Pink Martini logo and two titles of their biggest hits scrawled on each sleeve (Hang On Little Tomato on the sleeve and Je ne veux pas travailler). And no disrespect to their current merch game, but these might be their best one in 28 years.

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