Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of JW Anderson
JW Anderson’s Tee for spring-summer 2023
JW Anderson’s Tee for spring-summer 2023

You’re rushing out the front door and you’ve got a severely wrinkled T-shirt you want to wear which requires some serious ironing. Oh, haven’t we all been there before? JW Anderson riffs on that conundrum and more for spring-summer 2023 with an oversized long-line tee that looks fresh out of the laundry line. And the best bit isn’t even its state of wrinkles but an attachment of an oversized A4-like label on the chest with washing instructions included (“Do not tumble dry”, etc). This cheeky take on an everyday cotton comfort piece is simply part of Jonathan Anderson’s play on modern day surrealism that he has also expertly explored in his full-time gig at Loewe. Who would wear this? We’re thinking anyone with an oversized personality too.

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