TURN DOWN FOR WHAT: Moncler's Maya 70 Jacket by Palm Angels
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Moncler
The 'Maya 70' jacket by Moncler and Palm Angels
The 'Maya 70' jacket by Moncler and Palm Angels

We know that you already own a down jacket. Yes, the same one that has been loyal all through those cold winter nights. Better yet, it is a Moncler, a specialist of the subject matter for decades and possibly the byword when it comes to puffy quilted outerwear. You can even describe its swagger as Drake-verified. But now Moncler’s Maya jacket is looking its most lit yet in 2022 – and quite literally. Thanks to Palm Angels’ Francesco Ragazzi, the Maya 70 jacket – named after Moncler’s anniversary year – is now coated in light-emitting optical fibres, ensuring that its wearer can be spotted even in a blizzard. Ragazzi, who has had multiple collabs with Moncler through the years, looks at this protective clothing as more than just another jacket to block wind chill. He wants this item to be a beacon of light – perhaps even metaphorically speaking. The other positive about this jacket for year-end wear is that you’ve got all the festive vibes down pat that even Santa would be envious of the flex. Available from October 15.


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