FOR A VANITY MIRROR’S SAKE: Chanel’s Hand Mirror Clutch
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
A racquet-shaped clutch by Chanel
A racquet-shaped clutch by Chanel
A racquet-shaped clutch by Chanel
A racquet-shaped clutch by Chanel
Chanel's cruise 2022-2023 show

Let’s face it: Not even the best selfie mode on your top-notch smartphone beats using an actual cosmetic mirror. It’s the secret to any proper beauty quick fixes if a bathroom isn’t readily available. That said, such clutch-friendly mirrors are often compact in size and lack the obvious benefits and handling of a hand mirror. But carrying a hand mirror in your bag or having it perpetually on standby in public? Well, unless you’re a professional hairdresser or a Disney princess, it isn’t as cool as you might think. However, things are about to change on this front. That’s because Chanel has a couple of clutches in its cruise 2022-2023 collection that lets anyone with a need for a hand mirror to carry one around to appear like a flex rather than a faux pas. Fashioned like a mini tennis racquet case, this quilted bag in pink or white cotton canvas holds a special Chanel mirror in wood, one that is also inspired by the sporting equipment in question. And don’t worry about this clutch not being able to hold anything else other than a branded hand mirror. The side of the clutch is attached with a card-friendly wallet that lets you keep other essentials in handy too.

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