FUEL YOUR WORK WEEK: Prada’s Tote Bag for Fall-Winter 2023
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Prada
Prada's fall-winter 2023
Prada's fall-winter 2023
Prada's fall-winter 2023

If you categorise your work bag according to days of the week, mark this one down because Prada just created one perfect for Mondays. Held with a vice-like grip by several of its runway models during Milan Fashion Week, this all-important upgrade of the regular tote bag looks to be an essential for nine-to-fivers come the later part of 2023. Fashioned from leather, the build is fuss-free: a slim-line structured tote with a backpack strap-like handle. Good enough for a few important documents and your laptop, there also appears to be a metal flask stored in the interior for your chosen tipple (or maybe just plain ol’ H20) that will boost your hydration levels for the day. Those none the wiser about this being a Prada creation might even think the silhouette of the tote bag appears just like a metal fuel canister thanks to some with a debossed metal grid pattern on the leather exterior. And pacing through the corridors of your place of employment with this in hand might even give the impression you’re about to fight fire with fire. Now, that’s a Monday kind of mood.


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