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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hermès
Hermès H08
Hermès H08
Hermès H08

If time is luxury, then just know that Hermès has injected plenty of it into its wares because the house doesn’t rush its outputs for the sake of meeting commercial deadlines. Its latest timekeeping proposition for gents – christened the Hermès H08 – is something that Philippe Delhotal (creative director of Hermès Horloger) has spent considerable time plotting to meet the aforementioned desires of today’s go-getters yearning to own tomorrow’s status symbols. The self-winding Hermès H08, first launched in 2021, has become one of the house’s most important references as it looks to close the gap on one of the most highly competitive segments in watchmaking: the everyday luxury watch. So, what makes Hermès H08 a fine catch? For starters, its handsomeness rating is hovering at a hundred. Sized in a 39 x 39mm cushion case, Hermès has framed it to the proportions of the average wrist (sorry, if you’re packing Dwayne Johnson-like swole in that region – which you should get it checked). It is this sensitivity towards symmetry that Hermès excels in, dispelling any design falsehoods that bigger is better. The choice of a cushion case is a smart move too, flaunting a contrast between sexy curves and smooth angles. Like the wristwatches before it, Delhotal has ensured this version carries forth the Hermès legacy in slimness which prioritises the second skin feel that doesn’t take a watch-wearing tennis pro to appreciate. Pay close attention to this winning material combi too: gold and titanium. In this scenario, the titanium has been treated with a rakish black DLC. Those who are familiar with the 2021 versions will also appreciate the mix in contrasts between satin brushes and mirror polishes on metal that flourish under a variety of lighting conditions. Even the blackened grained dial adds to the wristwatch’s personality. And like with most of its timekeepers, the three-dimensional typography on the dial has been designed exclusively for this series, matching the symbolism of the digits 0 and 8 tagged to the name. There’s also that black texturised rubber strap that flexes your sporty side, even if you secretly have never stepped foot inside a gym.

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