TAKE IT TO GO, PLEASE: Saint Laurent’s Le Monogramme Deli Paper Bag
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent
'Le Monogramme Deli Paper Bag' by Saint Laurent
'Le Monogramme Deli Paper Bag' by Saint Laurent
'Le Monogramme Deli Paper Bag' by Saint Laurent
'Le Monogramme Deli Paper Bag' by Saint Laurent

If there were a bag that best symbolises your constant urge to be somewhere else more important and your lack of patience, well, this deli paper bag lookalike by Saint Laurent fits the vibe. A smart follow-up to that viral sensation of a Happy Meal-like takeaway box bag in calfskin leather last December, Anthony Vaccarello has approved another embossed vegetable-tanned leather version that would likely draw comparisons to the audacious coated paper bag proposed by Jil Sander in 2012. However, what’s fundamentally different from the latter’s version apart from the material choice is that this comes with a magnetic closure so its owner doesn’t have to fold and roll the open end of the bag like one would likely do to the real thing. What’s next? A takeaway cup holder? Let’s not rule anything out in 2023.

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