DOWN TO LOVE? REMEMBER TO LOCK IT DOWN: Saint Laurent’s Heart-Shaped 3D Padlock
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Saint Laurent
Saint Laurent's heart-shaped 3D padlock
Saint Laurent's heart-shaped 3D padlock
Saint Laurent's heart-shaped 3D padlock

In the age where heart emojis are a tap or two away in showering a loved one with affection, let’s not forget the simpler times when couples travelled far and wide to a bridge like Pont des Arts to hang a signed padlock on a public fixture and toss away the key. The symbolism behind this is obvious – no, not vandalism – a love that is strong and unbreakable, of course. For those attempting to renew their relationship vows this Valentine’s Day in the aforementioned old-fashioned way, Saint Laurent is giving self-professed romantics a hardware option in the form of a gilded heart-shaped padlock, one that you might feel the heartburn of leaving on a bridge for good. Fashioned in zamak, they come in colours like red, gold, and silver with the Saint Laurent branding positioned at the centre of the design. However, those thinking of getting their hands on these padlocks ought to test the strength of their social network as they are only available at its Rive Droite outposts in Paris and Los Angeles.

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