TO SERVE AND PROTECT: Diesel x Durex for Fall-Winter 2023
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Diesel
Diesel x Durex for fall-winter 2023
Diesel x Durex for fall-winter 2023
Diesel's fall-winter 2023 show

Even the biggest rock stars will be startled by the stats surrounding rubber use courtesy of Diesel and Durex. The latest fall-winter 2023 show by the former featured 200,000 boxes of rubber as the centrepiece and backdrop of the runway set, looking like a secret stash at the Playboy mansion during the Hefner heydays. Glenn Martens was instrumental in DMing Durex for this hook-up, a collaboration that he hopes will promote “sex positivity” and to remove the taboos that often surround intercourse and STDs. As part of this landmark partnership, Diesel will be giving away 300,000 Durex-branded condoms at its monobrand stores around the world starting from April. And by the end of that same month, it will also be releasing a capsule clothing collection that celebrates this joint venture. Teased on the fall-winter 2023 runway, a model (look #7) was wearing a baseball cap, tee and jeans that feature a joint logo, one with Diesel’s D taking pride of place in the Durex name. The jeans also flaunts a cheeky play on Diesel’s tagline that was emblazoned on the side, stating proudly and profoundly that this is worn For Sucsexful Living. This collab also confirms what we already know: Diesel has some serious big D energy.


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