TIME TO PHONE A FAM OR FRIEND: Tiffany x Co. x Nike’s Air Force 1 Sneakers in Reverse Colourway
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Alexandre Arnault
Tiffany x Co. x Nike’s 'Air Force 1 '
Tiffany x Co. x Nike’s 'Air Force 1 '
Tiffany x Co. x Nike’s 'Air Force 1 '

It was the sneaker collab that caused a minor meltdown on the internet when news first dropped just over a month ago. Sneakerheads had their opinions, non-sneakerheards also had theirs. From LVMH’s and Tiffany & Co.’s Alexandre Arnault’s perspective: Mission accomplished. As we’re inching closer to the March 7 drop date of the overhyped pair of Air Force 1s co-signed by Tiffany & Co., Arnault seemed to have confirmed news of what the Reddits and Discords of the sneaker world have been talking up: alternative colourways to the footwear featuring that recognisable Tiffany blue. Yes, those leaked images confirm the existence of a predominately Tiffany blue upper in grained calfskin leather and a black Swoosh of the Air Force 1, a reverse colourway as they say. But word on the street is that these will only be made for family and friends, which also means acquiring a pair and its overall quantities are even rarer. And you know what that means to sneakerheads: it’s time to test the influence of their networking or… starting DM-ing Arnault for the hook-up.

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