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YES, THE GOLD HAND WAS MADE ONLY DURING A FULL MOON: Omega x Swatch’s MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Swatch
Omega x Swatch’s 'MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold'
Omega x Swatch’s 'MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold'
Omega x Swatch’s 'MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold'
Omega x Swatch’s 'MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold'

Swatch and Omega are probably trying to address the white elephant in the room, one that some purists and detractors are constantly busting balls about 2022’s breakout timepiece in the MoonSwatch: unlike Omega’s Moon Watch it was based on, this has never been to the moon or touched outer space for that matter. (Note: A group of watch enthusiasts did float one into the stratosphere last October though it doesn’t technically count.) While there’s no news on that intention that the MoonSwatch is planning to head anywhere beyond our planet, Swatch and Omega has introduced a long-awaited addition to the timepiece range that sold over a million pieces in 2022 alone and caused a human frenzy at Swatch stores around the world. This 2023 output, however, isn’t what you imagine it to be and not because they ran out of planets to be inspired by. This MoonSwatch is an extension of the Mission to the Moon, one of the 11 models in the catalogue and features a grey bioceramic case. Now, this is where MoonSwatch toys with the name, hoping to romanticise the idea of the moon and bring us one step closer to hearing about the MoonSwatch making it into space one day. According to Swatch and Omega, the chronograph hand here is created with Moonshine Gold, a special gold alloy that Omega fans know all about. Moonshine Gold was first introduced in 2019 and is predominantly made of gold with a small mix of silver, palladium, and copper. According to Omega, this alloy retains its colour and lustre longer. But it was the marketing spiel that perhaps caught many by surprise. This chronograph hand was only created on February 5, the day of the full moon. (We can imagine your brows furrowing by now.) Like previous details of MoonSwatch releases, this one was also a mystery as a similar MO was used, a one-day notice to purchase the watch at a stated time. On March 7, it went on sale in four selected cities (Zurich, London, Tokyo, and Milan) and you already know the response that this likely generated. No word when this MoonSwatch Mission to Moonshine Gold would be restocked and where else it would pop up. But if the chronograph hands are only created during a full moon – that means 12 times a year – it’s a tell-tale sign that we’re likely going to see one launch per month. Well, that's still more launches than what Virgin Galactic's planning on having.


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