YOUR REAL-LIFE “WOMAN DANCING” EMOJI: Cara Delevingne in Elie Saab
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Elie Saab
Cara Delevingne in Elie Saab
Cara Delevingne in Elie Saab
Cara Delevingne in Elie Saab
Cara Delevingne in Elie Saab

Well, before you ask how the woman dancing emoji is even related to this news story, Cara Delevingne would be the first to tell you that she felt like one in this red haute couture gown made by Elie Saab for her appearance at the Academy Awards. Her Instagram post on the matter included this emoji capped with the words “it’s me” just in case anyone had any lingering doubts. This emoji is perhaps a good way to rep a turning point for the star who recently came clean about her sobriety journey. That said, her crimson red gown was all the drama the red carpet needed for a night at the Oscars, one that seemed to be short on red fits too. Delevingne’s mesmerising one-shoulder gown featured an oversized floral sleeve design on her right, expertly pinned to mimic a rose-like bloom in fabric. Needless to say, it matched well with a panel of walls on the red carpet that were filled to the brim with red roses. The generous amount of fabric on her dress also made room for a thigh-high slit to show off those Stuart Weitzman shoes and a solitary leg, a style move that Angelina Jolie would take credit for. Elie Saab’s mastery in draping fabric created intricate textures on this gown as though they were wrapped and folded from a single roll of fabric. The 30-year-old completed the look with plenty of bling to go around in particular the stunning Serpenti choker necklace by Bvlgari.

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