IT GIRL AND IT BAG IN YOUR AREA: Jennie Kim for Chanel 22 Bag Campaign
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Chanel
Jennie Kim for Chanel
We’re beginning to run out of superlatives to describe Jennie Kim of Blackpink fame, also known as one of the most influential entertainers in the world and the real reason traffic slows down during her Paris Fashion Week cameos. She is arguably the brightest star that Chanel has added to its star-studded roster in recent times, a master stroke that those involved in the early casting deserve a big fat bonus. While not based on actual hard figures, we’re confident that the 27-year-old has single-handedly raised the demand for cropped tweed co-ords, gold quilt-patterned jewellery, and after-ski wear – items that she was spotted wearing on billboard ads or just a casual flex for the gram. Now, Chanel is enlisting her again for what is hands-down the most important campaign for any major fashion house, that of hawking its It bag. Although it is a given that a Chanel bag practically sells itself, her presence in this campaign for the Chanel 22 gives the mini version of the bag an A-lister gloss. The South Korean was lensed by Inez & Vinoodh in her home ground of Seoul, joining the other cosmopolitan cities in the series (Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and New York) as scenic backdrops for Whitney Peak, Margaret Qualley, and Lily-Rose Depp, who are the other faces for this line. Here, the Blackpink lead shares with us details of her shoot and what she would store in her Chanel 22 bag.

MANIFESTO: What was it like working with Inez & Vinoodh on this campaign? Tell us about their vision, their collaboration with you and Virginie Viard, the atmosphere in general? Was there a stand-out moment during the shoot? 

JENNIE KIM: Working with Inez & Vinoodh is always a pleasure. We had lots of conversations about how they wanted to express who I am in this campaign. They mixed Virginie's and my vision perfectly, and made it “Chanel”. They studied me in detail, and their dedication really motivated me. It was Inez & Vinoodh’s first time in Korea and I hope they have only happy memories! 

M: What do these images say about your lifestyle and everyday life? What do you think Inez & Vinoodh wanted to say about you? 

JK: Inez & Vinoodh call me “My Girl”. It’s comforting because they see me as a young woman, not just “Jennie” in the spotlight. As a member of Blackpink, I’m constantly in the spotlight, but these images are an accurate representation of who I really am. 

M: What do you think about the Chanel 22 bag? How does it match or enhance your own style? The Chanel 22 bag is so beautiful, yet so practical. It comes in various materials and sizes so can add a chic vibe to any look. Could you describe three different moments or situations in your everyday life when you’d use the Chanel 22 bag? 

JK: I can take the Chanel 22 bag anywhere! I can take it when I’m going out with friends, going on a walk, or with me to work every day. 

M: What is it about the Chanel style and allure that appeals to you, inspires you? 

JK: Chanel is timeless and iconic. Its history and elegance inspire me.

M: Gabrielle Chanel believed in numbers and launched her second fragrance, N°22, in 1922. In tarot, 22 is one of the Master numbers and holds so much strength it can turn dreams into reality. In numerology it represents the fulfillment of one’s greatest aspirations... What does the number 22 mean to you? 

JK: Well, my first solo came out when I was 22 and we started our new world tour [with Blackpink] in 2022. To me, 22 means a new beginning. 

M: What would be the perfect day/night with your Chanel 22 bag? 

JK: I would love to just spend quality time with loved ones, have dinner and watch the breathtaking night view of the Han River. 

M: What would be the perfect day/night with your Chanel 22 bag? 

JK: I would love to just spend quality time with loved ones, have dinner and watch the breathtaking night view of the Han River. 

M: What precious things do you carry in your Chanel 22 bag? Tell us one thing that has a special meaning for you. 

JK: I always carry my headphones so that I can listen to music and monitor my performances. My headphones fit perfectly in the Chanel 22 bag!  

M: It has often been said that Virginie Viard is a woman designing for women and their needs... Is the Chanel 22 bag a good example of this? 

JK: Virginie Viard’s vision is perfectly embodied by this bag. The Chanel 22 bag reflects her unique aura. 


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