NOT YOUR REGULAR PAPER BAG: Christian Louboutin's Kraftilou Bags
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Christian Louboutin
'Kraftilou' bag by Christian Louboutin
'Kraftilou' bag by Christian Louboutin
'Kraftilou' bag by Christian Louboutin

Here is a universal truth: Christian Louboutin's red soled shoes are hot property. Here is another: Its kraft paper bags and shoe boxes are just as highly sought-after. If you're surprised by the latter, do a quick Google search to understand this niche market. (And we aren't referencing the Loubikraft collection from a few years ago that saw Louboutin refashion its paper bags into chic clear plastic-wrapped shoes and bags.) Now, it appears that the shoe designer has had another eureka moment, one that others like Bottega Veneta has realised as of late. Seeing how there is already a hardcore following for its complimentary paper items, it has remodelled a tote bag and box clutch that looks just like its brown paper bags and shoe boxes, down to the texture and logo placement. Replacing paper in this scenario is calfskin leather, allowing for these wares to last far longer and not end up looking like crushed paper by the end of an active day out about town. Meanwhile, the interior of the bag is lined with leather that is enriched with its signature red hue for cachet. Just don't make the mistake of tossing these out during spring cleaning.

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