Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Fendi
'Fendi Active: Basketball Capsule'
'Fendi Active: Basketball Capsule'
'Fendi Active: Basketball Capsule'
'Fendi Active: Basketball Capsule'
'Fendi Active: Basketball Capsule'
Fendi's basketball made in collab with Spalding
Fend's black metal basketball hoop

If you're serious about your basketball, casuals might have asked you one time or another if you're on Team LeBron or Team Curry. Well, if your answer is one of the the above then it won't really matter this season as the upcoming NBA finals will not feature either LA Lakers or the Golden State Warriors. For those still hoping to catch the finals with the mates, heading into any viewing party wearing a non-participating team's outfit seems like a major faux pas that everyone else probably tries to ignore. Fendi is hoping to solve those sporting etiquette issues by launching its inaugural Fendi Active: Basketball Capsule dedicated to the sport and the everlasting style that has infiltrated today's menswear game. And most importantly, get you on the winning end of the style convo in any living room or local pub. The collection serves up a monochromatic palette that already hints at the side you're rooting for: no one's. Blacks and greys bless items such as tracksuits, tank tops, bomber jackets, tees, and shorts – forged with black and white trims that those familiar with basketball merch especially from the Swoosh can agree on as fetch. The Fendi Roma and FF logo also make cameos on the clothing just in case anyone needs a reminder of your Italian-made flex. Fendi even made room for sneakerheads in this launch with a pair of Match high-top sneakers embellished with crystals that look as fancy as Michael Jackson's famous gloves. And don't worry, even if your team is in the finals, there are things or two that ought to pique your interest: A special Spalding basketball has been fashioned by Fendi that also comes with a branded shoulder strap holder as well as a basketball hoop with metal O'Lock chains for those with their own private court. The collection is now available, just in time for the final run of games in June.

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