TENNIS HAS A NEW FASHION STAR... AND IT'S A BAG: Jannik Sinner's Gucci Duffle Bag
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Gucci
Jannik Sinner repping Gucci at Wimbledon
Jannik Sinner's Gucci duffle
Jannik Sinner's Gucci duffle

If you're a keen follower of Wimbledon – one of the most important tennis tournaments in the world and arguably the most prestigious on a grass court – then you know all about the contentious all-white dress code for players. 2023 is all about change it seems as the storied lawn court tournament has finally allowed women to choose the colour of their underwear during gameplay (yes, the first time such a change is made in 139 years too). This is so female players can be stress-free if their periods overlap with the tournament dates. On the men's end, however, things appear to remain status quo until Jannik Sinner showed up on Center Court in the first round of 2023's Wimbledon. The 21-year-old Italian had a Gucci duffle bag planted on his shoulder as he casually walked onto court like he double-booked his vacay during the dates of the tournament. But all kidding aside, why is this fashion move even making the headlines? To our recollection, high fashion items have rarely broken the stranglehold that sportswear brands have on top players' choice of attire and equipment with the exception of wristwatches. Thanks to ironclad contracts and multi-million dollar paydays, players also often stick to what's given to them with little need for a flex as only the result of the match speaks for itself. Sinner, who is a dark horse to win his maiden Grand Slam, happens to also be a Gucci ambassador which certainly puts into perspective why he was breaking with tradition. Not that any fashion observer is complaining as it certainly opens the doors for more players to court new fashion deals that aren't sportswear-related. This aforementioned duffle he will be carrying throughout this tournament isn't one you can pick up from the store too (for now) although it flaunts the familiar GG monogram and webbing. He worked closely with the fashion house to design one specifically to meet his needs, including a size capable of fitting several outfit changes as well as long straps for an easy carry. Gucci sought permission from several of the sport's governing bodies to ensure that Sinner isn't flouting regulations either. Seems like Gucci should've also been put in-charge of solving that women's underwear conundrum a century ago – just sayin'.

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