THE OTHER TYPE OF "FRENCH TWIST": Louis Vuitton's Twist MM Bag in Padded Leather
Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Louis Vuitton
'Twist MM' bag by Louis Vuitton
'Twist MM' bag by Louis Vuitton
'Twist MM' bag by Louis Vuitton

Are padded leather handbags going away any time soon? Don't bet on it. Louis Vuitton is doubling down on a style that has been a mainstay for several luxury fashion houses for years and it is now furnishing its Twist MM bags with the same treatment on plush lambskin leather. Why are they so popular? Padded bags, as the name suggests, feel as cushy as your fave down jacket and look as comfy as your go-to throw pillow. The Twist bag, which is in its ninth year (!!!) at the fashion year house has grown from strength to strength, led by the clever twist lock mechanism that plays on the lettered LV logo. This version of the bag also comes with some serious metal hardware, namely the matching gold-finished metal chain strap. What to wear it with? Maybe with that down jacket when the temperature takes a harsh dip. At least your style won't.

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