Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Hakusan
T.O.P x Hakusan
T.O.P x Hakusan
T.O.P x Hakusan

Launching himself to the moon for a week isn't the only thing T.O.P – a part-time art curator and full-time entertainer known for his time at Big Bang – is launching these days. There's that upcoming turn in the second season of Squid Game that's drawing flak for this casting choice for reasons that only naysayers know. Now that he has gotten your undivided attention, the polarising K-pop idol is linking himself to pop culture fashion history. He has teamed with the eyewear brand that has been one of the preferred choices of OG boybander John Lennon. T.O.P has been wearing Hakusan for as long as he can remember: “All the glasses I have worn in real life since I was 19 years old have come from Hakusan Optical Shop. I like the fact that it's not overly designed...” The Japanese label has been refining this series with the 35-year-old for the last couple of years, working remotely with the artist to develop a new silhouette based on an archival model that he likes. There will be three versions on offer: one in maple frames with clear lenses, a dark grey frame with brown lenses, and an ivory version with blue lenses. Hakusan will only be launching 1,104 glasses sold exclusively in South Korea and Japan, a number in honour of his birthday on November 4. Oh, and T.O.P says he will be bringing a pair or two on that space-orbiting moon mission some time in the near future. Now, that's a marketing spiel you don't hear often.

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