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Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Louis Moinet
'Savannah Tourbillon' by Louis Moinet
'Savannah Tourbillon' by Louis Moinet
'Savannah Tourbillon' by Louis Moinet

Sure, we can talk about the exquisite flying tourbillon mechanism that takes pride of place on this dial or even the gorgeous micro painting of a majestic beast that may or may not be your spirit animal. Both art forms are equally as complex to realise. However, Louis Moinet is showing that there are levels to its game by adding a jigsaw puzzle-like dial that are in actuality miniature puzzle pieces assembled together by the watchmaker during the creation process. You might even suggest that the genesis of this 40mm rose gold watch was spawned from newfound hobbies during those lockdown years. 81 micro puzzle pieces make up each animal portraiture, small enough that the person piecing it together would be wary of unintentionally breathing in one of them. The pieces are also assembled on four layers, enhancing the three-dimensional quality of the puzzle work. In what can be labelled as a labour-intensive process, the puzzle was created as a whole and then disassembled to have the edges of each piece painted individually using acrylic. This self-winding timepiece is exclusive to only four animal paintings for now (tiger, elephant, lion, leopard) with each piece labelled as a unique creation – just like each one of these wonderful creatures on planet Earth. The bad news is, only the latest (the tiger) hasn't been spoken for.

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