Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Bottega Veneta
'Orbit' sneakers by Bottega Venata
'Orbit' sneakers by Bottega Venata
'Orbit' sneakers by Bottega Venata
'Orbit' sneakers by Bottega Venata

Admit it: Comfy sneakers rule. You know what we're going on about. Those that feel lighter than a pair of socks, breathable like your skin's perpetually being fanned by palm leaves, and extremely supportive of your soles like the balls of your feet are bouncing on plush cushions. And they don't have to look like they need your parent's approval too. In other words, comfy shoes can (and should) look stylish – don't you lower your standards because of the mainstream's opinion. A case in point: the Orbit sneakers by Bottega Veneta. It's not hyperbole to suggest that Matthieu Blazy and company have found the formula in balancing performance and panache. These runners are built for going places. Its name certainly suggests this, supported by the feature of sturdy gum soles and a cushy interior that doesn't pussyfoot around the idea of true support and comfort. Then, there's the netted design on the technical fabric upper that doesn't just look cool for vanity's sake but also sheds excess weight from the overall result, ensuring that casual walks don't feel like leg days in the gym. Choose between a few futuristic-friendly traffic-stopping options too, such as one in silver with parakeet accents, white with silver, and a black with grey. Your feet will thank you later.

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