Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Loewe
Rihanna in Loewe at the Super Bowl half-time show
Loewe's poppy red jumpsuit
Loewe's poppy red jumpsuit
Loewe's poppy red jumpsuit
Loewe's black jumpsuit

Red jumpsuits are already a Halloween staple. Think Money Heist and then Squid Game. However, Rihanna did this look a big favour in extending its run in the best-selling list of costumes by wearing one at her Super Bowl half-time show performance earlier this year, creating an iconic moment that clocked over a billion and one views. Now, word on the street is that this Halloween you may be seeing a lot more maternity-esque Rihanna impersonators around, and one that will be dressed in that poppy red cargo ensemble visualised by Loewe. And if you're one of many banking on this said look for Halloween, don't get a cheap carbon copy like everyone else's. Loewe's well-timed release of the original jumpsuit a couple of weeks prior to Halloween is not a coincidence either. This custom flight suit-inspired look first designed for Rihanna has all the original deets included such as zipped pockets on the front as well as ankle welt pockets and removable D-ring straps at the knees. The fit proposed for retail here is more relaxed, although not necessarily tailored for someone heavily pregnant. And just in case you want to get hold of an alternative version without the traffic-stopping hue, Loewe also has an all-black version available too. Rihanna Navy, time to dress up and get in formation.


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