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Billie Eilish in Gucci's 'Horsebit 1955' bag in Demetra campaign
'Horsebit 1955' bags in Demetra by Gucci
Bucket hat and sneakers in Demetra by Gucci

Just because there's plenty of moving and shaking going on inside one of the biggest fashion houses in the world doesn't mean that Gucci has hit the pause button on its goals of achieving a circular economy and giving us a new gen of eco-friendly materials to shout home about. At least Billie Eilish isn't letting any drama foil her persistence for anything non-leather. The pop singer plays the lead for the house's expansion of the innovative animal-free and plant-based Demetra material that was first introduced in the form of a sneaker in its centennial year a couple of years ago. According to Gucci, the Italian-made Demetra contains at least 70 per cent of vegetable raw materials from renewable sources, which means those who prefer to avoid real leather for their bags and shoes now have a sensible option without forgoing the flex of a luxury monogram. Eilish stars in a new campaign soley focused on the expansion of Demetra wares at Gucci, namely a couple of Horsebit 1955 bags, a bucket hat, and even a chunky sneaker. (Yes, even the coating and metal hardware are responsibly sourced and treated.) By no means is Demetra a signal that Gucci is ditching natural leather all together but this is a good start. That said, the further release of these Demetra pieces does make you ask: What was I made for? To Eilish, she was made to front these.


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