Text by Kee | Photos courtesy of Burberry
Burberry x Highgrove
Burberry x Highgrove

November 14 marks an important day for all British royalists. No, it isn't a day where they gather to discuss the plot line of season six of The Crown before its premiere (FYI: the first four eps launch on November 16). This special day marks King Charles III's birthday. He just turned 75. British heritage label (and Royal Warrant holder) Burberry is well-aware of the special occasion, considering it is his first birthday since taking on the new title. To celebrate the milestone, Burberry has launched a series of Mulberry silk scarves together with Highgrove, the private residence and garden linked to the King and Queen Camilla. This time, it has called upon the services of British artist Sammi Lynch, a graduate of the Royal Drawing School, to provide the artwork on these commemorative pieces that celebrate the sprawling real estate and its surrounding natural beauty. The artist tapped on painting and printmaking to realise her intepretations of the scenery so as to express “lived experiences” by “emphasising space, texture, and light”. The four limited edition scarves depict several viewpoints of Highgrove capturing aspects such as the front porch of the home, the King's prized wildflower meadow, and the topiary yew hedges, just to name a few. Feel free to frame these on the wall... before catching season six of The Crown.

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