GAME OF THRONES: Style of Westeros
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We’ve been tuning in to Game of Thrones all season long for its epic bloodlust and mind-blowing plot twists, but for the fashion hungry, there’s been an added bonus – a sense of style like we’ve seen nowhere else. Each week we let out huge gasps of OMGs when we learn how Sansa’s managed to fall deeper into the hands of the Boltons, how Arya’s converted to the Many-Faced God, and how Tyrion’s faring all the way over in Meereen. But if we’re being honest, we’ve been equally as excited to see what our favourite characters are wearing when all the stuff hits the fan. Medieval gowns, hard-hitting battle gear, and a skin-bearing cut out frock (or two) from the Mother of Dragons, have all managed to tug at our style-strings; and we just can’t decide who we like best. The silver-haired Khaleesi? The evil queen Cersei? The tomboyish Arya? The king-slayer Jaime? The why-am-I-always-caught-up-in-crapstorms Sansa? Honestly, who cares. They all win in our books.

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