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Cotton knit mesh pullover and linen trousers (Ermenegildo Zegna Couture)
Cotton gabardine coat (Louis Vuitton)
Silk blouson and cotton T-shirt (Dolce & Gabbana), and cotton trousers (Dries Van Noten)
Silk cotton blouson and linen trousers (Ermenegildo Zegna Couture)
Cotton blouson and cotton trousers (Dries Van Noten)
Nylon blouson and cotton nylon trousers (Calvin Klein Collection), and wool knit sweater (Versace)
Silk blouson and cotton T-shirt (Dolce & Gabbana), cotton trousers, and satin and rubber sneakers (Dries Van Noten)
Silk blouson and cotton T-shirt (Dolce & Gabbana), cotton trousers, and satin and rubber sneakers (Dries Van Noten)
Cotton gabardine coat, shirt, and trousers (Louis Vuitton)
Nylon blouson and cotton nylon trousers (Calvin Klein Collection), and wool knit sweater (Versace)
Cotton shirt, and wool silk tartan plaid trousers (Dries Van Noten)
Cotton nylon blouson, cotton T-shirt, and cotton trousers (Calvin Klein Collection), and leather sneakers (Louis Vuitton)

His name sounds like one of those high-end Italian designers you’ve been buying clothes from. Instead, he is that body those same high-end designers are piling their premium fabrics on. Can you blame them? This 19-year-old Italian native is the hotshot with the OMG-type figure that you’ve probably seen scoring campaign after campaign for Givenchy and Versace in 2015. The good news is, we still don’t think we’ve seen enough of this one.

MANIFESTO: What are you up to these days besides modelling? And which city do you spend most of your time in?

ALESSIO POZZI: These days are amazing! I spent a lot of time in my hometown for the Christmas holiday break which I really needed after working this whole year.

M: Since you spend so much time on travelling for work, what do you miss about your homeland, Italy?

AP: I think that’s the thing that most people don’t understand you constantly travel the world all year round and it’s definitely beautiful but it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to do, sometimes it is sometimes it’s very hard, you start to miss totally everything little by little from family to the friends to what you used to do every day it’s kind of a new life so you miss the old.

M: What is the turning point of your career? Who do you credit for giving you your start?

AP: That’s definitely a good question… I’ve done quite well in my career but who casted me in my first advertising campaign was Riccardo Tisci and from then on I’ve continued to work well. I think Riccardo is a fantastic person besides what he’s done for my career which is a lot, when nobody knows you and a big designer like him decides to show your face first in his show and right after in his advertising – that changes the game completely.

M: What have you learnt from this industry?

AP: I’ve learnt a lot of things but first and foremost, English! It’s been very important for me to perfect the language. But I can say I have learnt quite a bit just by living outside of my hometown and travelling consistently and living on my own has taught me to be more responsible and aware of life.

M: Do you recognise any changes in your life since becoming a model?

AP: I’m the same person but my life has changed completely. Your daily routine doesn’t exist anymore you don’t even know what can happen tomorrow like maybe you are working somewhere and they call you and tell you the day after you have to take the plane to go somewhere else to do something else. It’s crazy but it’s good like that!

M: How has modelling changed your perspective of fashion?

AP: Well, my opinion has changed a lot because before I never thought about this industry and now I’m somewhat immersed in it, I’m a part of it.

M. Do you still look at fashion the way you used to?

AP: No, definitely not in the same way. Now, I’m a bit more aware of the industry. But of course, if you work in the industry it’s good to know who you’re working with such as the photographers, designers, stylist etc.

M: What is the highlight of your career thus far?

AP: When I achieve it, I’ll let you know (Laughs). I think you always have to push yourself.

M: You’ve been doing the fashion week circuit for around two years. How would you describe the experience of running around for fashion weeks? Do you still enjoy being part of the madness?

AP: I would describe the experience with just one word: EXHAUSTING! It is very demanding but overall a good experience, you get to travel, you get to see some friends you’ve made through the process, and overall it’s a nice time even though your brain is exhausted after all of it.

M: What do you do during your downtime?

AP: The little bit of down time I actually get I just spend it with friends and family. Like right before the New Year, my friends and I rented a cabin in the mountains.

M: What do you enjoy the most at this point in your life?

AP: I’m just enjoying life! I’m at that age that you’re expected to act mature but you can get away with letting loose sometimes and acting like a kid.

M: Do you have any personal goals or objectives for your career?

AP: I try to live day by day so right now I’m just dealing with whatever comes my way and if it’s good it’s good. I don’t stress too much about what might come in the future, especially with my career.

M: What would you be doing right now if weren’t a model? 

AP: If I wasn’t modelling, I would probably be in school waiting for the next semester.

M: You’re renowned for your beautiful figure. What’s your fitness routine like and which part of your body that you’re most satisfied with?

AP: I think I have really sexy fingers (Laughs). Just kidding! I spend lot of time working out since the age of 15 and I think I have seen a really good change in my chest and shoulders and I am most satisfied with that.

M: What is it like having a famous face and being one of the top 50 models on

AP: I don’t think of myself as famous I keep on living a normal life and I’m the same Alessio I was before. I don’t really even think about it. And as a model it’s a pleasure be recognised for the work I do but I only have to keep on crossing my fingers hoping things keep going well.

M: Name three places that you want to visit.

AP: I have never been to Germany and I’d like to visit there. And I’d like to visit all of Asia and Madrid.

M: What’s on your current playlist?

AP: Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around... Comes Around is always on repeat.

M: Any weird habits?

AP: I wouldn’t call it a weird habit but maybe it is. I travel quite a bit for work and I have this thing for food... I LOVE IT! And everywhere I go I have to have a local breakfast. Something that is specific to the culture.

M: What is the weirdest or funniest remark or question you’ve ever received via social media?

AP: One of my instagram posts was a picture of me only wearing pants and one follower wrote: “Where Can I find that T-shirt?” I thought it was pretty funny!


Photography: Brent Chua
Fashion Director: Jonathan Yee
Styling: Eric McNeal
Hair & Grooming: Mari Matsumoto
Agency Support: Re:Quest

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