SUBTLE STANDOUTS: The Best Oscars Fashion That Didn’t Get Talked About Enough
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Jacob Tremblay

The logic goes that, just like you have to “be white” to win an Oscar – get fat, or at least do a Leonardo DiCaprio  in The Revenant and get mauled by a grizzly – so you have to scrub up to win the red carpet. And we watched some people do just that; Leo, Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, and Charlize Theron to name a few. But it just so happened that the next morning’s red carpet coverage managed to let some commendable attempts go virtually unnoticed. Well, we’re here to shed light on some of these attempts because not-even-remotely nominated people, including wives or boyfriends of said people, deserve some screen-time for the effort they put in to (barely) being noticed too.

The Blokes

Jacob Tremblay:

If we didn’t know any better, we’d have thought that Tremblay was just a very little man; because somehow, at the ripe age of 9, he managed to out-dress a shameful percentage of grown men on Sunday’s red carpet (even with a pair of Star Wars socks on). Just look at how well his Armani suit fits! 


Mark Ruffalo:

So Mark didn’t win any Oscars, but he did win the red carpet for us. We already know that navy tuxedos are in these days. But in no measure would you consider Ruffalo’s jacket navy. It was more a royal blue. And while we know that the logic behind the navy tuxedo, since it is so close to black, is that it is acceptable as formal wear, Ruffalo scraped that guideline with expert flair.  It works precisely because he didn’t overdo it.


Chadwick Boseman:

The man billed to play the Black Panther in the next Marvel crossover did the aforementioned navy tux technique with absolute precision. We don’t see any wonky bowties or shoulder divots so we’re giving this an A+.


The Ladies


Dorith Mous:

The hair, the fit, the pose, everything is just right with Dorith Mous’ Oscars dress by Dutch designer Dennis Diem. Except for maybe… the fact we would never look as good in it even if we tried.


Jennifer Flavin:

If we spent even a fraction of the time Flavin spends in the gym, we’d probably get into that Saint Laurent dress too.


Giuliana Rancic:

What else is there to say about Rancic other than wow. The dress has floral stitching, it’s long, it reveals all the right bits and she managed not to step on it all night.






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