SCENT SCIENCE: Byredo’s Hair Perfume Addition
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If you’re hoping to beat the body odour this summer, you’ve got to master your fragrance regimen; which does not mean a few spritzes of eau de toilette under your chin. No; what you’ll need is a little more oomph than what your average cologne can give you by focusing on your body’s wider scent map. It’s all about tactical thinking; namely where and how much you’re going to perspire under the noonday sun. Then you’ll realise that the best place to uphold a fragrance’s sillage might not be on your collar, but on your head. And of course, Byredo knew that, which explains the timely extension of their hair fragrance line in time for the sweltering months. Say hello to signature scents – of which we are positive you already own in perfume form – that you can now spray on your manes: Mojave Ghost, Flowerhead, and our personal favourite, La Tulipe. Now you’re ready to wave goodbye to BO for good.

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