BYE BYE BORDERS: Gucci’s #GucciGram Tian
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Chen Tianzhou
Cao Fei
Charles Loh
Chen Wei
Cheng Ran
David Chan
Gu Ye
Fajar P. Domingo
Jaesuk Kim
Kelbin Lei
Kong Lingnan
Lee Kyutae
Phannapast Taychamaythakool
Red Hong Yi
Teresa Lim
Ton Mak
Yile Yang
Yoshito Hasaka

If Alessandro Michele hasn’t yet made an impression on you, what with his Jesus beard and convincing resurrection of male peacocking, you might as well have been living on the moon. Michele’s Gucci is everything right now and it’s high-time to embrace the fact, starting with a quick few swipes on Instagram where you’ll notice a barrage of oriental artwork under the hashtag #GucciGram. #GucciGram Tian, curated by Michele himself, marks the second instalment of a collaborative digital project between the maison and various online artists whereby each were invited to reinterpret Gucci’s Tian pattern in their own vision. Cao Fei (one of the artists who showcased at Gucci’s No Longer / Not Yet exhibition last October), Cheng Ran, Jaesuk Kim, Charles Loh, Fajar P. Domingo, and Yoshito Hasaka are just some of the artists that have reworked the Chinese Tian print. And what better way to celebrate Gucci’s Tian than with an array of talented Asian artists who successfully nuance historical orientalist fantasies in a globally understood fashion – a short perusal through the artwork and you’ll know what we’re saying.

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