DON’T SWEAT IT: Why Casual Dressing Works for Some People Like Kayley Cuoco
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Kayley Cuoco owns one of the fittest bodies in the business. You’d know this if you were following the SAG Awards and the Oscars after-party snaps; or if you watch The Big Bang Theory. Even in the case of not knowing, you could almost guess at it since she looks perpetually gym ready for most of the year. Like you, we also wonder about the kind of sorcery involved here; in how, despite the fact she’s clad in loungewear most of the time, she never seems to look bad in a paparazzi shot. So we’ve deduced that this could be to do with the notion that casual dressing works better for her than it does others. Why? Perhaps because she has the four rules of casual dressing down to a T. 

1. Rock sweatpants that actually look good

The go-to casual legwear for women (or men) these days are sweatpants. And there's nothing wrong with that. Many people go to the internet for advice on how to get out of the tee and sweats look, but sweatpants can look good as long as you're wearing the right pair. FYI, that means no baggy stuff, nothing halfway down your arse, no extreme drop-crotches, and nothing that pools around your ankles. 


Left: Brunello Cucinelli spring 2016           Right: Donna Karan NY spring 2016


2. Forgo the hoodies for a lush sweater instead

As tempting as it is to pair your sweatpants and/or jeans with something equally as bummy, think a little harder. Choosing a knit sweater instead of your slogan hoodie won't cost you any points on the comfort meter, but will score you extra in the fashion stakes. 


Left: Bottega Veneta spring 2016       Right: Saint Laurent spring 2016


3. Smarten up with your accessorising 

Okay, so you don't have to throw on a blazer or get into a little skirt to dress well, but that doesn't mean you can't smarten up your casual look a little. Consider moving gradually into smart-casual territory with a good looking shoulder bag. Cheesy tee and gym shorts? Add a good carryall, and suddenly you look pretty damn cute. 


Left: Chanel spring 2016      Right: Coach spring 2016

4. Class up your boyish footwear with a pretty dress

Your beat-up sneakers could potentially downplay your entire outfit. You'll want to pair them with something more dignified to avoid looking like a street rat altogether. And trust us when we say that people won't even notice the condition or casualness of your shoes as long as you have a charming day dress to draw their attention to the right bits. 


Left: Tory Burch spring 2016      Right: Diane von Furstenberg spring 2016





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