KEEP THE FAITH: "Passable" Ugly Festive Sweaters
Text by Kee |
Trump Sweater Pride (
2 Chainz's Dabbin’ Santa Sweater
Batman Unisex Sweater by Merchoid
Star Wars: Lack of Cheer Disturbing Sweater by Merchoid
Deadpool Sweater by Merchoid
Winter is Coming Sweater (
Drake Hotline Bling Sweater (
Pokemon: Pikachu Sweater by Merchoid
Santa Love Sweater by Whoopi Goldberg
Harley Quinn Sweater by Merchoid
Street Fighter: Ken Vs Ryu Sweater by Merchoid

Before Thanksgiving and X’mas get-togethers start to fill up the calendar, there's that festival dress code you need to resolve. You know, the one in which you consider anything red, green, gold and all-round sparkly. While anything knitted and in all shades of festive ought to do, it doesn’t deliver the kind of humour and fun such occasions promise to deliver. And what about satisfying granny, who probably wants you to wear that Pantone chart of a sweater she personally knitted for you five years ago? Errr… you’ll pass. That’s when the “ugly Christmas sweater” comes into play and now is the perfect occasion to shop for one, a suitable version that might see you wearing it beyond just the odd family gathering. Unapologetically ugly by nature – as advertised by its name – they are more palatable alternates of granny’s, and ones that your friends can understand. We’ve rounded up a few versions that will not only put a smile on granny’s face but will solidify your legendary status at any yearend party.   

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